Unreal: MSNBC edits clip of man with gun at Obama rally to support racism narrative

I missed this yesterday at Newsbusters but Treacher, rightly aghast, tipped me to it this afternoon. Never will you see a starker example of MSNBC getting away with the sort of deception for which Fox News would be pilloried, especially in the context of race. If you missed Monday’s post about this, go watch the footage (or look at this photo) and see if you can deduce why they wouldn’t want to show the guy with the rifle from the neck up during this particular segment. For all the well-deserved heat that MSNBC’s primetime line-up has taken for its demagoguery — Maddow has been notably egregious during the health-care blowup — this proves that they’re not above pulling this crap during their daytime “hard news” segments either.

When you’re done with the clip, scroll through the new photo gallery Zombie’s put together of the many, many, many “Kill Bush” signs at leftist protests over the past eight years. Thank goodness outlets like MSNBC and the Huffington Post took such “blunt, no-argument stances” against that sort of insanity at the time.