Perfect: Fake doctor at Dem's town hall was invited by Che-loving Obama volunteer

I’m not sure what the connection’s supposed to prove — was Che into using people with fake credentials at rallies? — but no righty blogger can resist a recipe with ingredients like this. It’s the political equivalent of a “This Is Why You’re Fat” concoction. Che + Obama + health-care sockpuppet = crazy delicious!

Actually, what the connection proves (maybe) is that they’re connected at all:

Mayer yesterday told me that she was invited to the town hall meeting by a listserv message sent by Maria Isabel, who ran an Obama campaign office sporting a Che Guevara flag:

“Look, Maria Che-Guevara lady, or whatever, I saw her at about three events during the primaries, and she was a county delegate, too. I know she has been very involved with a lot of stuff with the campaign, but I did not get involved in the general election. I am on a listserve where she sent out a message about the town hall. I haven’t coordinated with her, didn’t even say that I was going. She’s a bit over the top, huh?”…

But you know what. Ms. Mayer? It’s also a bit over the top to lie about whether you are a doctor to enhance your credibility in a discussion about health care. So I’d say you and Maria Isabel are two peas in an “over the top” pod.

Follow the “crazy delicious” link to Patterico’s post and you’ll find photos of them together at the rally. Are they really not coordinating? Or are they plotting more hamfisted, inadvertently comic astroturfing operations whose stories are yet untold? Only one thing’s certain: If the Houston Chronicle reports on it, they’ll do so after Patterico drags them to the story kicking and screaming.

Update: A nice catch by Ace, noting that the Chronicle “forgot” to mention that fake doctor Mayer is a very real former organizer for Obama for America.