Guess who's number one on the NYT bestseller list again

Confirmed: Last week was no fluke. Thanks again to everyone who bought a copy. So hot have sales been, in fact, that Amazon is momentarily out of stock; the next shipment arrives on Sunday, in case you haven’t ordered yours yet.

One nice perk of the book’s success is seeing the boss back in primetime on FNC. Here she is with Hannity for the third time in as many weeks talking about the epic fail of Democratic demagoguery since the health-care town halls started. I’m actually surprised that Sean didn’t spend more time on her posts last night about the “human props” at The One’s rallies; there’s a little bit on it at the end, but not enough to reflect the fact that she drove that story in the blogosphere today. Incidentally, just as she predicted, the nutroots is now busy trying to work up some phony outrage about her “stalking” a child. Follow my links to her posts and you’ll see that the “stalking” amounts to (a) quoting a Boston Globe article and (b) noting the fact that the kid’s mother is an Obama donor and apparatchik. The White House, incidentally, insists that the girl was chosen totally at random to ask The One a question. You buying it?

Exit question: Given the shamelessness with which the left is now willing to invoke the moral authority of children, why don’t congressional Democrats go the rest of the whole nine yards and just make kids their spokesmen? That way, any conservative who accused any child PR agent of spin would become, ipso facto, a “stalker.” It’s foolproof.