Video: Unmarried teen dad now a celebrity or something

Worth posting for two reasons. First, because it’s a stark commentary on fame in modern America — not only in terms of how low the bar is set to qualify but how small the rewards are. The kid’s gone from front row at the Republican convention to … the Teen Choice Awards … as Kathy Griffin’s date. What’s next, taking Pia Zadora to the Daytime Emmys? Second, although most Palin fans can’t stand him, this is actually good news for the ‘Cuda, especially now that she’s engaging on serious policy matters. The more visible Johnston becomes as a celebrity parasite and gossip-page hanger-on, the less the public will associate him with her or Bristol. Eventually he’ll just be one of those “why is he famous again?” people, like Paris Hilton or Kevin Federline. Or, actually, Kathy Griffin.

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