WH mega-shill: Obama didn't have a different position on single-payer as a Senator

He didn’t? Sure sounds like he did to Kurtz, who’s appropriately dismissive of her lame attempt at spin. The irony is, if our suspicions about ObamaCare as a trojan horse for socialized medicine are correct, then she’s actually right: The One does have the same goal now as he did then, namely, a single-payer system with private insurers ultimately driven from the marketplace. Riddle me this, though. If Obama really has soured on single-payer over the past five years, precisely why has he soured on it? I don’t think I’ve ever heard that explained, which makes me think he’s “soured” on it only insofar as he doesn’t — yet — have the political capital needed to push it through. It’s not that he’s opposed in principle, in other words, merely that it’s not expedient at this particular moment — which makes it an awful lot like his position on gay marriage, another subject where neither side believes he really believes what he claims to believe. In which case, why should we believe him about single-payer?

Kudos to Kurtz for at least noting that the media would be having an aneurysm over the Obama snitch list if Bush had done it; Douglass thankfully doesn’t contradict him, although she does go on to lie about the measure. See the second clip below from How the World Works for the goods on that. Exit question: Speaking of liberal journalists who’ve dropped the mask to become paid mouthpieces for The One, when is Sullivan finally going to take the plunge? Exposing the great Trig birth conspiracy would take on new urgency once it had the official White House imprimatur on it, no?