Video: Ken Gladney attends protest outside SEIU St. Louis headquarters

Via the indefatigable Jim Hoft, who’s back from the rally with photos galore. When last we saw Gladney, he said he was in some pain but otherwise appeared in reasonably good shape; now he’s in a wheelchair and so heavily medicated that he can’t speak. What exactly did those goons do to him? Good lord. Like Jim Treacher said, if Gladney was an Obama supporter, right now he’d be more famous than Rodney King.

Good news, though: Some of the more gutless Democrats in the House have decided to make their town halls “stealth” affairs, which, while depriving constituents of a chance to protest, will at least ensure that SEIU doesn’t send anyone else to the hospital. Meanwhile, here’s your photo of the day, catching another minor bit of dissent-crushing in action. Guess whose side the perpetrator’s on.