New DNC ad: Mobs of right-wing lunatics want to feast on your flesh

A video version of yesterday’s communique from DNC headquarters about mobs of right-wing extremists whose extreme mobbiness threatens to mob ObamaCare with extremism. All that’s missing are the captions you used to see in trailers for 50s horror movies. “THRILL to angry conservatives walking around with signs. TREMBLE as a woman holding an American flag yells at a congressman. SCREAM as Democrats absorb one one-millionth the degree of demonization George Bush suffered over eight years.”

No need for outrage, though. Instead, celebrate the fact that even with a Democratic president, a filibuster-proof Congress, and the lure of “free” ice cream in the form of socialized medicine, the left’s somehow managed to turn ObamaCare into a clusterfark of such epic proportions that their health-care message has now actually been reduced to “Don’t listen to the Republicans — they’re crazy.” Apart from Josh Marshall characteristically wetting himself by describing the townhall backlash as “civic vigilanteism” (sic), my favorite reaction comes from Tapper, framing the astounding demagoguery you’re about to see with the understatement only a studiously dispassionate newsman can muster:

While offensive and even racist posters and protestors have shown up at too many of these town halls, it’s not clear that they represent the mainstream of those who have organized to exercise their First Amendment right to speak any more so than the liberal protestors who compared President Bush to a Nazi represented mainstream liberal thought, or even the mainstream of anti-war protestors at any given event.

Indeed it’s not clear, especially with 52 percent of respondents telling Quinnipiac that The One’s handled health care badly. But enough blather. After you watch the DNC’s 50s horror movie, be sure to watch the B-picture the boss posted last night about what extremist mobs really look like. Exit question: Which right-wing nut warned yesterday that left-wing extremists might want to dial it down a bit themselves? Answer here.

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