Video: Orly Taitz, MSNBC anchors scream at each other over Birtherism; Update: Source of bogus Kenyan birth certificate found?

A video testament to the buffoonery of both sides. Taitz was on to promote a Kenyan birth certificate for Obama that was debunked within about 10 minutes after it hit the web. MSNBC’s goal was to humiliate her by exposing the flaws in the document, except that they, er, forgot to ask her about it. Good stuff. Anyway, there’s no mystery to the strategy here: The left wants to tar the entire party as Birthers — witness Harry Reid inveighing against them on the Senate floor today — so they’re giving Taitz enough media rope to hang herself, along with blaring taglines about her being the leader of the “movement.” It’s a redux of the Rush strategy. Frankly, I’m surprised they mentioned that Coulter thinks Birthers are cranks since it spoils the message they’re going for about most conservatives these days being kooks. Which clearly isn’t true — or is it?

Make sure you watch until Shuster asks whether it’s true that she refused to ride in a car sent by MSNBC that was driven by a man with a Muslim name. I wonder what he could be implying. Perhaps the very end of this Media Matters attack on Lou Dobbs will shed some light.

Update: Belated exit question: Does anyone not think the Kenyan birth certificate was cooked up and leaked by Obama supporters, precisely because they knew Birthers would seize on it and make fools of themselves?

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Update: Dave Weigel might have found the source for the photoshopped Kenyan birth certificate.