Video: Birth certificate Truthers demand action from GOP congressman

The congressman in question? Mike Castle of Delaware, whom you’ll remember for his mavericky maverickness in voting for Obama’s cap-and-trade monstrosity. He got an earful about that too — watch the second clip below — but it’s the Truther spectacle in the first vid that’s getting media attention, natch. Expect these people to play the same role at GOP primary events in 2012 that 9/11 Truthers played at Democratic rallies last year, occasionally cornering the wary candidate with a video camera to ask if he/she “supports a new investigation” and receiving the same vague, wary assurances that of course he/she will be happy to “look into it.” Still, I wonder: Will they disperse and hassle all the candidates equally or, a la Ron Paul, will one candidate catch their fancy and coopt the entire subgroup? I hope Huck and Palin, as the “true conservatives” in the race, are ready to field some awkward questions.