Obama promises: I won't sign any health-care bill that adds to the deficit

That’s how the Times is spinning it, but read the fine print. What he actually says is he won’t sign any bill that adds to our deficits over the next decade. The One knows this is a sinkhole in the long run even if it isn’t in the short run — which, per the CBO, it almost certainly is. No worries, though: “I don’t believe that government can or should run health care,” he assures us, ignoring the fact that he once famously said he doesn’t want to run the auto companies … a month after he forced the chairman of GM into early retirement. No wonder some prominent Democrats now want to, um, run the auto companies.

Oh, and he’s still lying about letting you keep your current insurance if you like it, oblivious to the reality of what’ll happen to private insurers forced to compete with a program backed by the Treasury Department’s printing presses. But then, as he candidly says here, “I … don’t think insurance companies should have free reign to do as they please.” That’s Obamanomics in a nutshell. Make sure to read Betsy McCaughey’s rejoinder in today’s New York Post about the difference between your current health plan, the “qualified plan” you’ll be forced to choose under ObamaCare, and the penalties you’ll pay if you prefer not to “qualify.” Should be a fun presser on Wednesday night.

Update: Looking on the bright side, at least we know now what his next bald-faced revisionist lie about his record will be. How many months or years before he treats us to this: “But let me be clear. We have never denied that health-care reform might temporarily add to our deficits.”