President boldly vows: My economy-wrecking health care bill will pass this year

Via Greg Hengler. For my money, this is a moment of almost unparalleled Obama jackassery: As noted last night, the substance of the bill seems secondary to him to the pure political challenge of cramming this turd down America’s cakehole, no matter how many people are gagging on it. Never mind that no less a Democrat than Steny Hoyer says it’s time to “go back to the drawing board.” Never mind that more than 50 liberals in the House are allegedly ready to walk because the bill’s not socialist enough, even as the Blue Dogs are ready to walk because it’s too socialistic. Never mind anything. Not only does health-care reform have to pass, it has to pass this year. The legacy of Hopenchange demands nothing less.

Breaking news as I write this: POTUS and TOTUS will be holding court at 9 p.m. on Wednesday to push ObamaCare. You know he’s worried if he thinks a primetime presser is necessary. Exit question: Will Wednesday night be the debut of his inevitable “I never said health-care reform would cut costs” lie?