Oh my: Obama drops nine points overall, 15 points among indies, in one month

Net approval: Down 15 points since June. Net who say they’d vote to reelect The One rather than vote for someone else: A measly +3, down 13 points. Number who say they’re confident the stimulus will turn the economy around: 39 percent, also down 13 points. And the number who say the country’s “seriously off on the wrong track”: 55 percent, up 13 points.

Surely this trend is a function of miserable unemployment numbers, bound to reverse itself instantly once the economy starts cranking out jobs again, right? Hmmm:

In the context of decreasing levels of confidence in the current stimulus package, coupled with discussion about the viability of another one, the Poll shows very little support for a proposal for another stimulus package, with only 36% saying they would support such a proposal and 52% saying they would oppose it, with 40% saying they would strongly oppose it.

At the same time, it is clear that concerns over the prospect of greater deficits trump concerns over economic recovery. When given the choice, voters would prefer a slower economic recovery that incurs smaller deficits than a quicker economic recovery with greater deficits. Specifically, 71% of voters say they would choose a slower economic recovery with a lower deficit, compared with 23% of voters who say they would prefer a quicker recovery with a higher deficit.

Just what Barry wants to hear as he prepares to drop a trillion-dollar health-care bomb on America, and all the more reason to believe that Karl’s right in speculating that The One will take whatever health-care bill he can get in order to get something passed fast. This is his signature domestic policy issue; he can’t trash it just because people are starting to sweat about spending. The only option is to ram it through as far in advance of the midterms as possible and then pray that the recovery starts by next summer. No wonder they’re in a hurry.