New GOP ad: The stimulus isn't working

From Boehner’s office, an odd, hokey first effort at pushing a meme that could deliver the House to the GOP if it’s still true next November. There’s too much in the way here to focus on the message — split-screen, soundtrack, cornpone narrator, barking dogs — but they’ll get the tone right eventually. They’ve got plenty of time: Even Team Barry knows that things are going to get worse before they get better.

But the trend Thursday’s numbers represent should concern Democrats. While many analysts believe the economy will start growing again as early as the end of this year, average Americans will still feel they’re suffering through a deep recession well after growth rebounds – in part because unemployment lags behind recovery.

In the 1982 congressional elections, when unemployment was lingering in double digits, voters punished Republicans – despite President Ronald Reagan’s popularity – and the GOP lost 26 seats in the House.

And even if a recovery begins this year, it won’t arrive with booming stock markets, zooming home prices and spectacular job creation…

Republican pollster David Winston said his surveys and others show that the public is beginning to doubt Obama’s ability to save the economy – a trend that emerged last month after unemployment rate hit 9.4 percent.

“That was a shock to the American public,” he said. The impact can be seen in lower poll numbers on Obama’s handling of the economy and job approval, among others, Winston said.

Free advice to Boehner and the GOP: Make the new graph at Karl Rove’s website a centerpiece of the next ad, along with the now-famous Heritage deficit and Innocent Bystanders unemployment graphs. And by all means, put Obama’s moronic “created or saved” spin to the good comic use it deserves. There must be some funny people inside the GOP brain trust. If Ed hadn’t beat me to the punch in blogging the new unemployment numbers this morning, I would have titled the post, “Every job in America created or saved in June except for 467,000.” Take the baton and run with it, boys.

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