WH spokestool: We're all about free elections and the "democratic process" -- in Honduras

In which frequent Megyn Kelly sparring partner Bill Burton steals a page from Susan Rice and ignores the screaming contradiction between The One’s outrage at Honduras and non-outrage at Iran. Funny how the White House’s rhetoric shifts from harsh realism when addressing the latter to an almost neoconservative ode to freedom when addressing the former, notwithstanding the fact that freedom and democracy aren’t at all what Zelaya and Chavez have planned. I get that it’s this guy’s job to spout garbage, but is it too much to ask that they spout consistent garbage so that we don’t have to endure White House spokesmen making the case for and against meddling in other countries in back-to-back news segments?

A more pressing question now. What’s Juan Williams doing hosting the Factor? Click the image to watch.