Video: The Al Franken decade begins

Alternate headline: “Blogger trapped in a nightmare from which he can’t wake up.” I kept waiting for this to turn into a skit, with Dana Carvey walking out as George Will to challenge him to a debate or something, but there shall be no punchline today, alas. We’ve elected B-movie actors president and monosyllabic action stars governor; why should electing a bit player from SNL feel so much more depressing? Is it just because he’s a lefty? Or is it because the highlight of his career to this point was, um, Stuart Smalley, a fact Drudge is having great fun with as I write this? Like I said on Twitter, in terms of civic decadence, voting in a C-list comedian feels sort of like Caligula appointing his horse to the Roman senate. Although, on the bright side, this might encourage Adam Sandler to take a run at Boxer in California.

Jokes aside, his statement here was gracious and (mercifully) entirely serious.

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