Confirmed: Iran no longer invited to Obama's July 4th cookout

I wonder what changed his mind. Was it the mass head-cracking today in Baharestan Square? Or, like me, did he read the story about regime filthbags evicting Neda’s grieving family from their home and find himself consumed with righteous rage? Probably not the latter. President Spock doesn’t do rage.

No matter. Yesterday’s left-wing conventional wisdom: We can’t jeopardize diplomacy by taking a meaningless moral stand! Today’s left-wing conventional wisdom: Obama has taken a bold moral stand against regime abuses!

“As you all know many weeks ago the administration extended an invitation to celebrate the freedom that this country enjoys. not surprisingly based on what we see in Tehran, no one has RSVP’d,” said White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs.

“Understand that July 4th allows us to celebrate the freedom and liberty that we enjoy. I don’t think it’s surprising that no one has signed up to come given the events of the last few days. Those invitations will be no longer extended.

Two clips for you. The first purports to be from today’s Baharestan Square crackdown. Turn down the sound before you watch and kindly observe your strong content warning, as it’s gruesome. Below that you’ll find a stirring vid shot by a brave Iranian woman, time and place unknown. Translation:

Hit me. Not hitting me now that Im filming?
Come on hit me. Hit me once. Werent you just hitting me before?
How many people have you hit?
Hit. Hit him.
Yes yes you must hit them.

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