Iran state media: Hey, maybe a protester killed Neda

Yeah, could be. None of them have guns, and as far as I know, not a single Basij or cop has been shot by a protester despite a full week of brutal beatings and killings. But aside from that, the theory’s airtight.

And now, the Iranian government is apparently claiming that rioters were responsible for Ms. Agha-Soltan’s death. The government-run Islamic Republic of Iran News Network (IRINN) reported that a “reliable source” confirmed after examining the bullet and the way Ms. Agha-Soltan was shot that rioters were responsible for her death, and that a number of people had been arrested in connection with her death.

How odd, then, that the regime would warn her family not to speak to the media and order mosques to cancel memorial services for her. As with Nicole Simpson’s murder, I guess the mystery will forever linger.

Two clips below as a gloss on this, to accompany Obama’s surprisingly sweet statement at today’s presser about how “heartbreaking” her death is. The second is a vignette from the streets of Tehran; be sure to watch until the end to see how another unknown woman was treated. Maybe the guy with the nightstick is a protester cunningly dressed as a cop? The first is audio from Al Jazeera English of an interview with Neda’s fiance, featuring previously unseen photos of her. He insists that she was deliberately targeted by the Basij, although there’s no way he could know that and, frankly, I think I’d rather not believe it. Not because I’d put it past them but because the thought of them scanning the crowd of angry protesters for someone to shoot and settling on her — a young woman who wasn’t even marching — is simply too much to bear. If it was a deliberate killing then the message is clear: Everyone but everyone is a target. And so they are.