Lieberman: We should "loudly and clearly" stand with the people of Iran

In fairness to The One, I’m sure he sympathizes with the people against the regime. It’s his moronic belief that “engagement” will get the mullahs to give up nukes that leads him to soft-pedal his criticism of their brutality. It’s a sucker’s game, though: Drudge is leading tonight with ominous warnings of “repercussions” to come from an American expert on Iran, which any of us could have predicted (and did). As Michael Totten so eloquently put it earlier today, the idea that Iran’s prepared to give up its nuclear program for any sort of concession is “delusion on stilts.” Barring an astounding sustained effort in the streets by Iran’s population, the regime will be in no mood after this to negotiate, which makes Obama’s best bet full-throated support of Mousavi and the protesters. Roll the dice, Barry. Fight now or fight later.