Video: O'Reilly and Salon editor scream at each other over Tiller's murder

Both clips are good but it’s the second that’s must-see. The money line: “You know who has blood on their hands? You!” Walsh is the one who wrote the chief hit piece blaming O’Reilly for Tiller’s murder, so it’s not a little surreal to see them squaring off on the Factor. Bill goes for the throat early, accusing her of ducking the central moral issue here and of being a pro-abortion zealot — and darned if she doesn’t prove him right, downplaying the evidence that some late-term abortions are performed for convenience, not medical necessity, and confirming O’R’s suspicions that she viewed Tiller as a “hero.” In fact, this is nothing so much as the torture debate by another name. Walsh has her facts — late-term abortions are always performed in life-threatening circumstances, just like waterboarding never, ever works — and when those facts are challenged, well, those challenges must be wrong. Why? Because we “live in two different worlds” or something, that’s why. Good work, Joan.