Olby and guest on the Letterman saga: Palin's kind of become the villain in all this, hasn't she?

Believe it or not, this trainwreck wasn’t even the number one story tonight. That was reserved for Carrie Prejean, with Village Voice troll Michael Musto reprising his role as hatchet man by calling her a “biotch” while fantasizing with Olby about her career melting down. Somehow, some way, Margaret Carlson manages to sink lower than even the modern-day Murrow here, first by spinning Letterman’s non-apology as an apology more profuse than any talk-show host has ever delivered and then arguing that Bristol’s actually fair game for crap like this because she was, after all, a presence at the Republican convention or something. Try and fathom a mind that actually searches for ways to justify goofing on an 18-year-old single mother as a whore.

Your exit quotation: “There’s a worst person in the world somewhere in this story but it’s not David Letterman anymore.” No, I’m not kidding.

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