Video: Letterman doubles down, makes prostitute joke about Palin's daughter; Update: Both Palins rip Letterman

Via Conservatives 4 Palin. The punchline’s as stale as year-old bread, naturally, which makes this daisy-fresh by Dave’s usual standards. Here’s Lileks on yesterday’s “comedy”:

Really, it’s just a rote slam: If your mother is a loathed politician, and your older sister gets pregnant, famous old men can make jokes about you being knocked up by rich baseball players, and there’s nothing you can do. That’s the culture: a flat, dead-eyed, square-headed old man who’ll go back to the writers and ask for more Palin-daughter knocked-up jokes, because that one went over well. Other children he won’t touch, but not because he’s decent. It’s because he’s a coward…

Well, one more thing. Some say Dave – I’m sorry, the staff members who wrote the joke and had it printed on cards for him to read – thought the daughter in attendance was the older one who had the pregnancy controversy last year. This is possible; it also means that we accept as an excuse the fact that the writers confused the daughters they wished to humiliate…

One more thing: the monologue contained an Angela Lansbury joke. Dude is OUT THERE.

Here’s what the crack “Late Show” writing staff came up with when, as predicted, he went back and demanded more “sex with Palin’s daughters” jokes. Oh, almost forgot: CBS just signed him to a new deal through 2012. Presumably he’ll have worked his way up to gags about Piper Palin turning tricks by then.

Update: C4P has angry statements from both Todd and Sarah laying into Letterman’s “sexually perverted comments.” Will Dave triple down tonight?