Visual aid: Just how miserably has the stimulus failed?

Remember this guy? He did a nifty vid a month ago along these same lines to demonstrate just how minuscule The One’s budget cuts were. (I linked it at the time but it’s lost somewhere in the HA archives.) I’m not sure his math’s right on this one, though. Granted, even by the moronic “created or saved” standard, the stimulus is a giant bust so far, having “saved” in three months just 150,000 jobs — less than half the amount that were lost in May alone. But count along with me. The stimulus bill was signed on February 17; even if we treat all job losses that month as having occurred after it went into effect (which we shouldn’t), we lost 681,000 in February, 652,000 in March, 504,000 in April, and 345,000 in May for a grand total just shy of 2.2 million jobs. A crushing amount, but per the video’s analogy, not quite the full table let alone the table plus another few dozen pennies on top.

Just a nitpick, though. Bottom line: There are an awful lot of pennies on the floor, especially given all the pennies that went into keeping them on the table. And don’t think the Democrats aren’t worried about it.