George Tiller murdered

My two thoughts on this: (1) Murder is bad and wrong; (2) blogs will be even more insufferable than usual this week. The cops haven’t confirmed yet that the shooting was political but given Tiller’s infamy for performing late-term abortions plus the fact that he was shot once before, there’s little doubt what the motive was. I wish I could say there are no Bill Ayers types on our side, but I can’t; I wish I could say there are no right-wing nutroots degenerates online cheering them on, but I can’t say that either. As for those who condemn the murder while merrily hoping that he’s burning in hell, let a poor confused atheist ask you this: Isn’t the proper Christian response to any death to pray that God will have mercy on a flawed, fallible sinner, who’s now at last seen the error of his ways? Tiller might have changed his mind about abortion and repented in years to come but his killer’s deprived him of the chance. No prayers that God will take that into consideration?

I’m going to give you guys the benefit of the doubt and leave comments open, but if I see anything in the vein of what LGF has noted, the thread will be shut and offenders summarily banned. If you can’t resist pissing on a man’s grave, doubtless there are other blogs that will accommodate you. Don’t let me down.

Update (Ed): The murder of George Tiller at his church is a heinous crime, without any sense or justice. Regardless of how one feels about George Tiller’s profession, his murderer is nothing more than a domestic terrorist — someone attempting to impose by force a policy that one cannot get in place through democratic means. Tiller’s killer is no better than William Ayers, Kathleen Soliah, and Eric Rudolph, people who attempted to use violence for their extremist ends. Those who value life know that murder is the antithesis of the pro-life movement.

Update: The suspect’s name is Scott Roeder. Circumstantial evidence suggests that the motive was indeed political.