Video: Jackass NYC mayor throws tantrum over tough question

Like a certain other power-hungry “post-partisan” chief executive we know and don’t love, he doesn’t appreciate being challenged. It’s Mike Bloomberg, two-term mayor of New York, now running for a third term after the city amended its term-limits law (which it didn’t do for Giuliani after 9/11) to clear the way. The rationale, supposedly, was that Bloomy’s mad financial skillz were needed at the helm to steer NYC through the financial crisis and recession. Which caused New York Observer reporter Azi Paybarah to wonder: If the crisis is ending and the economy’s coming back, why exactly do we still need Bloomberg? See for yourself how a guy with a sense of entitlement buoyed by political power and billions in the bank deals with a fair query about that. If you can’t make out what he sneers at the very end, let the Times enlighten you.