Obama vows: I have not yet begun to destroy the economy

A quick-cut compilation of self-congratulation from last night’s fundraiser in L.A., culminating in a threat/promise that we ain’t seen nothing yet. Which is true: If you think it’s bad now, wait until the inevitable cost overruns on universal health care start rolling in and our AAA debt rating gets even shakier. You’ll be pleased to know the crowd to see the world’s biggest celebrity was itself littered with celebrities, some of whom paid $30,000 for a photo with The One and the privilege of hearing him repeat his half-assed nonsense about “creating or saving” jobs at a private dinner. Specter was there too, Obama’s coattails no doubt firmly in hand.

Did he at least have the stones to address Prop 8 and gay marriage, one of the few subjects on which he and the glitterati (ostensibly) disagree? Guess.