Video: Noted "hatemonger" guest hosts Fox & Friends

Just for an hour, but she seemed sufficiently at ease that I’m sure she’ll be back. Pencil her in for whenever Courtney Friel goes on vacation. Among her hatemonger-iest statements this morning: She was rooting for Adam Lambert in the American Idol finale and she thinks it’s “great” that the 18,000 gay couples married before Prop 8 passed will continue to have their marriages recognized. Why she thinks that given her religious convictions, I simply don’t know, but Kilmeade doesn’t press her on it. Ah well.

Two clips for your enjoyment, first the flirty banter of the opening segment then a hard-hitting interview with, er, Donald Trump. Exit question: Bump Red Eye up to 11 p.m. and make her a permanent addition in the “legs” chair? Oh yes.