Matthews to Axelrod: Awesome, awesome job picking fights with "crazies" like Rush

“Leg thrills galore,” as Hengler says. This one’s worth watching if only to see how long it takes Axelrod to get a word in edgewise, but on the merits, I don’t really get Matthews’s point about limiting attacks to Republicans who aren’t in government. The idea, I suppose, is to further weaken the GOP leadership in Congress by acting like Democrats are the only game in town — except that Democrats are the only game in town right now. The reason the White House goes after Rush, Newt, and Cheney isn’t because they’re out of power, it’s because they’re unpopular, something Matthews knows (or should know) better than anyone given his network’s obsession with trumpeting Limbaugh’s pronouncements as a foil to Obama.

Actually, the most interesting line from this interview came not from Matthews but from Ax himself during a rare moment when he was allowed to speak. Hengler’s got must-see video of that, too.