California speaker: Voters find budgetary proposals "too complicated" or something

Via Gateway Pundit. And so the progressive spin on Tuesday’s crash-and-burn emerges: It’s not that voters are weary of taxing and spending, it’s that they’re weary of having to think real hard and trudge on down to the polling place every few months or so. Remember, supporters of the budget initiatives outspent opponents 10 to 1 and had Schwarzenegger’s full backing; even low-information voters who don’t regularly follow the news surely know that the state’s circling the drain financially, thanks to the national coverage California’s problems have gotten. The idea that they voted down a tax hike because it’s “too complicated” rather than because they simply don’t want new taxes is laughable, especially considering that the reason they’re required to ratify new tax hikes in the first place was an anti-tax measure passed by California voters in 1978. The same people who demanded the right to reject tax increases are supposedly “fatigued” by having to vote on them? Not likely.

Dumping on voters is par for the course among California’s political/media class, though. If you haven’t seen it yet, go read the unbelievably condescending editorial the Sacramento Bee tried to flush down the memory hole before Doug Ross rescued it. Exit quotation: “Good morning, California voters. Do you feel better, now that you’ve gotten that out of your system?”