Reason TV: How California government destroyed Schwarzenegger

An elegant summary of what went wrong, equal parts entertaining and didactic in the fine tradition of two other libertarian heroes. As a postscript to yesterday’s vote and a prologue to where the Hopenchange era is headed, it makes a nifty bookend with my post from this morning. Even so, I can’t help feeling some sympathy for Schwarzenegger when he says this:

“When you ask [voters] about the cuts, ‘Do you mind of we have to make an additional $6 billion in cuts?’ and it’s great, they say, ‘No, no, no, no, no, not in education,’ ” the governor said in Washington, a day after voters overwhelmingly rejected a slate of new taxes.

“And we say, ‘How about in health care?’ and they say, “No, I wouldn’t go after the vulnerable citizens,’ then we say, ‘Well, then we have to make some cuts in law enforcement,’ and they say, ‘Law enforcement, I want to keep that in place.’ People don’t know themselves where they want to cut, they just say, ‘Make the cuts’ and ‘You figure it out,’ ” he said with a smile, shaking his head.

Yes, well, that’s called “governing.” The alternative is raising taxes, but check out the map Ace posted. Not a single county in the deep blue state of California voted for a tax hike. Consider this a guarantee that The One won’t be raising your marginal rate until, say, January 2013 at the earliest.