Quotes of the day

“The truth is that even in the most liberal of statistics, over 40% of kids remain virgins through their teen years. Keep in mind that a good percentage of those poll’d in these ‘blind studies’ are men and let’s be honest… A good 30% of them are probably lying, so you can bet that the real statistics would favor the lonely little virgins even more…

One would have to wonder how much different that statistic would be if Hollywood WEREN’T pressuring teenagers to engage in the horizontal mambo. If Hollywood put all of its ‘virginity is for suckers’ energy into promoting ‘saving sex till marriage,’ I bet we’d see a very different, much more lopsided statistic. Of course Hollywood could never do that, as they don’t believe in ‘forcing ones beliefs on others’… Unless of course said beliefs include situational ethics, then it’s time to preach it father, preach it!”

“‘The surprising thing is that we’ve had this really big upswing in births to unmarried mothers in such a short period of time,’ said Stephanie Ventura, the author of the report commissioned by the CDC’s National Center of Health Statistics.

In the U.S., nearly 40 percent of births were to unmarried women in 2007, compared with about 34 percent in 2002, according to data first released in March but now being compared with that of other countries.

The report shows that teenagers accounted for only 23 percent of 2007’s non-marital births, down from 50 percent in 1970, demonstrating that birth rates for unmarried women in their twenties and over have risen considerably over the period.”