Trump to emotional Miss California: You're not fired

A happy conclusion to a clusterfark, notwithstanding the 11th-hour release this morning of one last round of not-safe-for-work-ish topless photos to try to get her fired. (Prejean’s excuse for the open blouse: It was a, er, windy day.) Trump could have half-assed this with hemming and hawing about how he’s “deeply troubled” by nip-slip photos and outspoken politics or whatever, but not only did he call her answer “honorable,” he went out of his way to rub progressives’ faces in the fact that The One holds the same position she does. In fact, according to one of our commenters, he told the press later, “You should be ashamed of yourselves.” A strange admonition coming from a notorious media whore, but we’ll take it.

Below the Trump vid you’ll find Miss Cali’s statement, the emotional highlight of which comes at 2:25 when she talks about her grandfather. It’s a silly point in two ways — there are no constitutional issues here and there’s no hard proof that she lost the pageant because of her answer — but if there were ever any suspicions that she was in on this circus for publicity reasons, the tears ought to put them to rest.

Note to pageant organizers: If you don’t want your spokeswomen swept up in political controversies, don’t ask them questions about divisive political issues. End of story.