Outrageous outrage: Miss California modeled lingerie for E!

It’s late-breaking and connected to the big story of the day, which means the sheer momentous news value of it practically obliges me to post. A serious question hidden among the cheesecake here: Have we determined in the comments yet whether it’s “un-Christian” to pose nearly nude? That’s the clear subtext of the left’s obsession with finding risque photos of her, to play up her alleged hypocrisy, but lingerie photos are a Biblical gray area as far as I know. My hunch is that it might turn on whether your pose is likely to inspire lust, one of the seven deadly sins. In which case, I’ll see you in hell, Carrie.

Ladies, if you’re looking for some equal-time beefcake, I’d remind you that we posted a clip of Dick Cheney just two days ago.