Michelle: Why isn't Obama celebrating the National Day of Prayer publicly?

Oh, I think we all know why. He’s saving the big revelations for his second term, when it’s politically safe: The middle-class tax hike; the fact that he secretly supports gay marriage; and, most historically of all, his declaration of atheism. I expect to be invited to the presser. Partisanship should have no hold on such a glorious occasion.

I find it hard to believe that people care much about this, seeing as how it apparently involves counting how many times he mentioned God in his proclamation, but the boss has him dead to rights about how ostentatious his displays of devotion on the campaign trail were. This is a guy, after all, who used to open his events with hosannas as ham-handed as “Look at the day the Lord has made.” I’d like to see Chris Matthews grill him on the nexus of Darwinian evolution and creationism.

Credit MM with courage for bringing up atheists in front of Gretchen, though. Last time, it didn’t go so well.