Cheney: "I think it would be a mistake for us to moderate"

Courtesy of the Scott Hennen show, 15 minutes on topics as diverse as the economy, waterboarding, and even Scare Force One — although it’s his comments about the future of the GOP that are being headlined. Those come right up front in the first three minutes; if you can’t be bothered, Ben Smith has a full transcript. Between the “listening tour” that Eric Cantor’s organized, the rhetorical self-reproach from leading Republicans like Tom Ridge about how we need to be “less judgmental,” and the fact that a surprisingly high number of GOP Senate candidates next year are very moderate indeed, I think Cheney’s going to lose this battle in the short-term. Politico:

For the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s recruitment list for 2010 reads like a roster of some of the party’s best-known RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) and squishes — the derisive terms applied to centrists by movement conservatives…

“I’m absolutely committed to recruiting candidates around the country that fit their states. Who would have thought we would be looking at states like Delaware, New York, Illinois and Connecticut for Republicans to run — and have a reasonably good shot at winning?” Cornyn told POLITICO. “It really is a recipe for permanent minority status and irrelevance if we don’t pay attention to the arithmetic and get back to a position so we can shape legislation.”…

“Their voting records are more moderate than the party as a whole, but I still think those candidates would hold Obama’s policies to a certain standard,” said Kaiser. “I don’t think they would be coming to Washington to see they make sure Obama got everything done he wants to do.”

Will social cons go along to get along or is there an anti-moderation backlash brewing? Hmmmmm.

Link: Cheney hennen