Quotes of the day

“Much as I admire President Obama, I believe with something approaching certainty that his spending will bring this country to its knees. ‘Sustainability’ is all the rage as a buzzword, but a $3.6 trillion budget is not ‘sustainable.’ Doubling the national debt is not ‘sustainable.’ Inaction in the face of $77 trillion in unfunded liabilities (Social Security, Medicare, entitlements) is not ‘sustainable.’ This is math, not ideology.

The Republican Party once could lay claim to the mantle of being the fiscally responsible, or ‘Daddy Party.’ That reputation was squandered some time ago, but it could be regained if the party would content itself with that all-important goal, and not instead fight doomed skirmishes over gay marriage, stem-cell research, abortion and creationism, Ten Commandments in the courtroom, and other such issues that the country has by and large already decided upon. The GOP once liked to call itself the party of ‘the Big Tent.’ But America itself is the bigger tent. ‘Much as I admire President Obama, I believe with something approaching certainty that his spending will bring this country to its knees.”

“It’s especially unsettling for a free speech girl like me. The First Amendment is important — but lately, it feels like my right of self-expression is being squashed.

One example: Obama’s comment to Jay Leno on ‘The Tonight Show,’ comparing his bowling abilities to someone in the Special Olympics.

Can you imagine the uproar had Bush said that? He’d be banished from bowling alleys for eternity. His bowling average and IQ would have immediately been compared in Twitter messages demanding his resignation.”

“Changing the tone in Washington is not something Obama or Congressional Republicans will do either. The entire political class, which has grown to include the press, the internet, Hollywood, the music industry and God knows who else, thrives on confrontation, the more vitriolic the better. Rachel Maddow sneers at Democrat Evan Bayh for taking seriously the concerns of fiscally conservative Hoosiers, and working with Republicans to restrain just a little government spending that will likely bankrupt the next generation of Americans. She calls him and other Democrats like him, ‘conservadems,’ much like conservative talk show hosts branded John McCain a RINO for objecting to torture or advocating campaign finance reform. Ed Shultz accuses Dick Cheney of hoping for another terrorist attack, and it hardly merits a furrowed brow by the press or any Democrat.

Politicians, pundits and even many beat reporters don’t want more civility in public debates. Because if it were ever to occur, it would leave many of them with nothing much to say, and only swing voters would be happy about that.”