Disgrace: Reason TV on how Obama killed the D.C. vouchers program

Superb stuff, worth forwarding to every conservative (and non-conservative) you know. If Bush had spiked this program, the media would have seen to it that every last kid in this video was nationally famous. As it is, aside from Juan Williams and a few select others, there’s been nary a peep. Someday, many years from now, when the GOP once again figures out how to do oppo research, they’ll be turning out videos like this and rubbing the Democrats’ faces in them instead of relying on outfits like Reason to do it.

Just a reminder: Obama’s proposed budget this year was $3.6 trillion, and yet somehow he couldn’t find $18 million in there to keep this program going. What a travesty. If you’re in D.C., there’s a rally on Wednesday between 1 and 2 p.m. Show up and do your best to try to force the media to cover this. We both know they won’t, but maybe you can at least make them feel guilty for not doing so.