Blockbuster AP/NBC report: Date night out for the Obamas

The best part of fluffy garbage like this is that the media knows they’re going to be mocked relentlessly for it by the right — and they simply don’t care. So tingly are they over the second coming of Camelot that not only are they in the tank, they’re downright proud to be there. It really is like a romance: Sure, they’re acting moony and goofy, but damn it, they’re in love. How else to explain an otherwise sober reporter from the New York Times thinking it’d be a good idea to stand up at a nationally televised press conference and ask Obama how enchanted he feels?

I’m not sure how much dumber and gooier it can get. Maybe Bo will start himself a family with a good-looking poodle and our new president will heroically help deliver the litter. I can almost see the photo of him grinning, six new puppies in his arms, with various reporters making the “awwww” face just over his shoulder.

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