Video: Palin on "American Chopper"

A sneak preview of tonight’s show. Dilemma for the ‘Cuda: Play it safe by chitchatting with the guys in her office or hop aboard one of their hogs for a joyride that would thrill her base and give MSNBC material for hours of mockery? I think she made the right (if dull) choice. This is a curious selection for a cameo, actually, insofar as it’s aimed straight at working-class Palin fans instead of the sort of broader audience she’ll need to be viable nationally. Yet another hint that she’s not running in 2012? Maybe she just digs the show.

As of today she’s on Twitter, too, although not following any blogs — yet. Exit question: Do we need to talk about the bearskin rug? Its head appears to be roughly the size of her torso.