Whoops: Attack on Obama in NY Post wrongly attributed to Palin

Turns out last night’s quote of the day from Sarahcuda wasn’t a quote from Sarahcuda. It was written by Meghan Clyne, a fact the Post has now — very quietly — acknowledged by disappearing the original attribution. It did seem odd that a headline-grabbing attack on The One by Palin was buried inconspicuously inside a list of 100 items instead of being broken out into its own op-ed; now we know why. Hugely embarrassing for the Post, needless to say. I wonder how they blew it. Did someone forward them an e-mail with the quote from Clyne misattributed to Palin and they took it at face value?

Speaking of embarrassing attacks on Obama, feel free to use this thread to comment on Drudge knocking The One this morning for playing a round of golf while there’s a crisis somewhere, which isn’t the first time a dopey charge of circumstantial callousness has been dumped on him (or on Bush, of course). Exit question: Why does Obama hate people with the flu?

Jazz Shaw Jun 22, 2021 6:01 PM ET