Audio: GE shareholders cheer as Fox reporter rips MSNBC

Schadenfreude to cleanse the palate as a follow-up to yesterday’s post. Posing the question is Jesse Waters, O’Reilly’s ambush guy; the Hollywood Reporter accuses him of “infiltrating” the event, but Waters is a GE shareholder so that’s not strictly true. The ethical issue is whether he should have identified himself as an FNC producer given that he was clearly there with an eye to airing this exchange on the Factor. The answer depends, I guess, on whether you believe he’d have been allowed to ask the question if he had. If not, then what’s the difference between his deception and the deception of any reporter conducting an undercover investigation? And didn’t Michael Moore pull this same stunt on Roger Smith in “Roger & Me”?

Anyway. You’re not really listening for Waters, you’re listening for the crowd reaction. It’s gratifying to see how far that repulsive episode with Garofalo has penetrated in the public consciousness, at least on the right-hand side.