Romney to Obama: Cowboy up on foreign policy

A guest shot on CNN to follow his NRO op-ed from this morning. It’s odd that he’s hitting The One on his actions abroad: Obama’s been much better there than on domestic policy, and Mitt’s dedication to flexing America’s muscles abroad has never been suspect, unlike his dedication to conservative mores. Strange that he’s hitting Obama for shaking hands with Chavez instead of on abortion and stem cells — although, as Karl notes, even this subject is ripe for criticism.

I’m suspicious of Mitt’s knocks on him for North Korea policy. We can’t afford a war in Asia, in any sense of the term, so lying low and hoping for the best re: North Korea’s missile launch seems to me to have been the smart thing to do, even if it made us look weak superficially. I appreciate Romney wanting to remind Kim that all options are on the table, including the military one, but that bravado would be a cold comfort if it spooked that nutjob into attacking Seoul. Let’s deal with Iran first, yes?

Even so — dude, he’s running.