Obscene: Ahmadinejad entourage screams "Zionazi" at ... Elie Wiesel

Kaleidoscopic irony from the UN’s Jew-bash bash in Geneva, as the world’s most famous Holocaust survivor suffers the indignity of analogy to the people who murdered his family courtesy of the world’s most famous Holocaust denier and his screeching goons — on Hitler’s birthday. I think that’s Ahmadinejad with the keffiyeh around his neck; the two pass within five feet or so of each other at one point. Don’t try parsing the logic: Why Iranians would consider “Nazi” an epithet, especially given Dinner Jacket’s revisionism on genocide, isn’t clear.

An interesting footnote: He actually dropped a line about Holocaust denial from his speech at the last minute under intense pressure from the UN amid the prospect of even more walkouts from western countries. It’s hugely gratifying to see this turn into the PR clusterfark for them that it deserves to be. And no worries — it won’t stop The One from meeting with Khamenei and posing for a stooge-ish grinning handshake photo of his very own. Exit quotation from Wiesel: “Here we are now in the United Nations, an organisation created as a response to the atrocities of the Second World War and we have to protest against anti-Semitic speech.”