Giuliani suddenly decides gay marriage is bad or something

Mind you, this is a guy who’s not only been divorced twice but who used to live with a gay couple.

“I think gay marriage will obviously be an issue for any Republican next year because Republicans are either in favor of the position I’m in favor of, civil unions, or in many cases Republicans don’t even favor civil unions,” he continued.

Giuliani, who is slated to address a Republican fund-raising gala in Albany tonight in what is widely described as further proof of his interest in running for governor, said he’s committed to the traditional definition of marriage.

“Marriage, I believe, both traditionally and legally, has always been between a man and a woman and should remain between a man and woman,” said Giuliani, who has been married three times.

“And Democrats, including President Obama and Hillary Clinton, have essentially the same position I have, which is let’s have civil unions but not go so far as to change the definition of marriage…

A Quinnipiac poll earlier this month found only 41 percent of New York voters — and just 33 percent of black voters — back gay marriage.

Does anyone but anyone interpret this as anything other than pure political calculation? He needs conservative upstate votes to beat Cuomo so suddenly he’s drawing a line in the sand over gay marriage? Why not embrace gay marriage, make headlines nationwide as a “progressive” Republican on the issue, and fight Cuomo on the issue of fiscal conservatism? The gay-marriage bill is going to pass in New York with heavy margins in favor. Get on the right side of it, make your mark, and then take a stand on the hill of the economy. Hard to read this as anything other than Rudy still harboring national ambitions, which is nutty.