Video: Obama gets gift from new friend

Another encounter between the most popular man in Venezuela and, er, Hugo Chavez. Silly me, I thought Evil Clown had slipped the book to him last night when they shook hands. Nope: He waited to do it in public, with cameras rolling, to put him on the spot and wring every last drop of propaganda goodness from his gambit. And no wonder, given the subject of the book. As one of our readers snarked in Headlines, considering Obama’s habit of apologizing for America, he probably already owns this one.

As he did last night, all The One could manage here was a stooge-like grin and a weak quip later about how he thought it was one of Chavez’s own master works. After you watch this, go watch Gingrich lay into him about what a “terrible signal” this buddy act is sending to South America.

Update: The book’s in Spanish, by the way. El Presidente couldn’t even be bothered to find a translation. Food for thought from Tapper: “Can you imagine the world outrage if a US President gave a book in English to a non-English speaking leader?”

Update: Mission accomplished.