Geraldo: Impeach Rick Perry for his secessionist chatter!

Via RCP, a communique from the newest addition to NBC’s reality series, “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!” (Yes, really.) Why, he’s so mad he could spit.

I share his contempt for this whining nonsense, premised as it is on Perry’s spite at his side having lost a fair election, but why the urge to purge with impeachment? If this is as grievous a sin as Geraldo says, Texans can simply vote the guy out. He’s surely right about Perry cynically gaming this to fend off a challenge from Kay Bailey Hutchison, but while secession bravado might help in the primary with the 18 percent who support it, he’ll pay in the general when the Democrats start launching attack ads aimed at the other 82.

Anyway, no need to get exercised about it. After all, according to Hillary, Texas is already its own country.