Finally: Obama and Evil Clown grip and grin

You wanted it, America, you got it. Via Tapper, the long-awaited meeting between the “destructive force” and the “ignoramus” hath come to pass. There are already a few photos of the encounter at Yahoo News but you have to go to Facebook for the best one. Check out that thousand-watt grin. Funding FARC, imprisoning dissidents, staging wargames with Russia, and of course consolidating dictatorial power — none of it’s enough to ruin a photo op for The One. I hope this at least convinces El Presidente not to throw that Cuba-themed tantrum at the summit that he’s been planning. We deserve something in return for the free propaganda Barry just handed him.

Here’s the video of Chavez calling Bush the devil at the UN two years ago. There’s some common ground for starting a dialogue, I guess.

Update: The Evil Clown wants to be “friends.”

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