Audio: Glenn Beck responds to Rick Sanchez blaming Fox for Pittsburgh cop-killings

I listened to this a few days ago, forgot about it, then remembered it again after Sanchez posted something this afternoon on Twitter about MM supposedly having called him an idiot. She hadn’t — or at least, not recently. Turns out one of her commenters had and somehow a Google News alert picked it up; true to CNN form, he didn’t bother checking with her before making the accusation. (He later apologized, then in response to another comment more or less called her a hater.) If you missed his casual smear last week that Fox News “no doubt” influenced the Jew-hating nut who shot those cops in Pittsburgh, watch that before listening to this. Beck himself doesn’t do much talking: It’s mostly one of his staffers, aghast at the irony of being blamed for people’s deaths by a guy who actually has killed someone.