White House: Obama not aware of tea parties?

Snarks Slublog, “Of course. They’re not about him.” Actually, it’s unclear if Obama’s aware or not: The GMA clip below says he isn’t but Tapper, who follows the White House beat and is in a better position to know, says there’s been no WH comment on the subject. Let’s hope GMA got it wrong, because if not, either The One’s less informed about the opposition in his own country than Australian newspaper readers or it’s a silly lie cooked up by the White House to delegitimize the protests as not worthy of the president’s interest. Bad news, whichever it is.

After you watch the quick hit from GMA, click the image for Santelli expressing a little populist pride in the rallies on CNBC this morning. Like Marc Ambinder says, as an example of grassroots organizing and a bellwether of political action in the Twitter age, “the tea parties really are something.” Ruffini, in fact, sees them as the first step in the rise of “distributed activism” on the right to push the conservative agenda. Which is to say, if The One’s not paying attention, he should be.