Fiasco: Amnesty thugs break glass, shut down Tancredo at UNC

Two clips from the latest Orwellian free-speech kabuki on campus featuring “right-wing extremist” Tom Tancredo versus the forces of Dialogue and Enlightenment. The Daily Tar Heel reports:

“I’m here because I represent UNC-Chapel Hill and I don’t support racism or fascism in the institution in which I am an educator,” graduate student Jason Bowers said…

After Tancredo entered the room, protesters kept him from speaking by shouting insults and holding a sign declaring “no dialogue with hate” in front of his face. Tancredo waited calmly while protestors held the sign and chanted…

After protestors exited the hallway, Tancredo spoke for about two minutes before a protestor outside the building banged on a window, shattering the glass.

Tancredo was escorted out of the room by police after he deemed the situation too volatile, Young said.

The protesters naturally rejoiced after Tanc was silenced, chanting, “We shut him down; no racists in our town” and, more ominously, “Yes, racists, we will fight, we know where you sleep at night!” ALIPAC caught it all on tape: The first clip is of security pepper-spraying people in the hall and the second captures the interruption and broken window that ended the lecture. I’ve been writing posts like this about immigration events on college campuses since HA started; no doubt people will still be writing them decades from now. Content warning.