Fox News question of the day: Can Palin save her political career?

At first I was surprised the Foxies would dare to ask, but then I remembered which network it was that went gaga over the anonymous sniping at her by Team Maverick.

Are we sure her career’s in trouble? Judging by the response to her appearance at that pro-life event in Indiana, the market for her has yet to soften:

Right to Life officials announced Thursday that, in addition to speaking to a sold-out crowd of 2,180 during the 6 p.m. banquet in The Centre’s Bill Brooks Exhibition Hall, Palin will appear before people paying $16 per ticket to watch a live broadcast feed in the building’s auditorium.

Right to Life officials had been working for weeks to confirm Palin’s appearance in the auditorium with theater seating, where 564 of an available 2,500 tickets have been sold.

Palin, the Republican Party’s 2008 nominee for vice president and a possible 2012 presidential candidate, will be accompanied by her husband, Todd Palin, and the couple’s baby son, Trig…

The organization announced the extra gathering when they learned Palin would join keynote speaker Michael Steele, chairman of the Republican National Committee, at the sold-out banquet.

The peg for the FNC item is the ongoing freakification of her that I wrote about in the context of that Eminem video. The more tabloid nonsense washes in with the news tide, the more it erodes her credibility. (Latest chapter in the Levi/Palin feud: Sarahcuda insists that “over my dead body” would Johnston have been allowed to live with Bristol in their home.) Let’s try a patented Hot Air poll on this slow news night to see where you’re at on the question of career-saving. Option three is there mainly for our three lefty trolls. I’m more curious to see the split between options one and two. If you choose the latter, feel free to explain in the comments what you have in mind.